Give Peace and the President a Chance

As mid-term elections approach it seems as though some of us who helped create the historic victory in 2008 are losing faith. Now is not the time to be fair weather fans. It took nearly two decades of war and greed to create the current morass of pain and suffering in the U.S. and the world. Make no mistake, it is the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that have left us with the deficits that have destroyed not only our domestic stability but our reputation in the world. Now, because results are not immediate some of us want to jump ship. Stop. Think. What is the alternative? Do you really want to go back? We know what the other side offers–war and greed. It is the formula that they have used every time they come to power. Do we really want the next two years of the President’s term to be mired in contentious partisan posturing that resolves none of our domestic or international challenges? Just look around and pay attention to what’s going on in Congress now. The Republic strategy is simple: Just say no. Say no to what we said yes to yesterday. Say no to any proposal to end war, pain and poverty. Say no to putting people to work and saving our infrastructure. Please, please, please. Vote for hope in November.

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