Beyond the tea party: What Americans really think of government

Beyond the tea party: What Americans really think of government.

The remarkable thing about this Washington Post article is that it reveals several contradictory positions that Americans are widely found to hold. On the one hand we want to cut spending. On the other, we believe that Medicare and Social Security are essential. While we cry out for government to get out of our lives, we believe that government can and should do more to reduce poverty, better educate us and fight crime. My question is, how do we get Americans to understand that we get the government we demand. We get the behavior and action we tolerate.

When we allow nameless, faceless corporations and people to influence our political choices and define the issues for us, we will continue to get a government that does not meet our needs. All of those negative ads are disturbingly alike. They are not civic discourse illuminating the issues. The are in fact pure unmitigated marketing designed to lead us as if we are sheep to embrace their slogans. Their purpose is to inbed them in our psyches until we think that what they are telling is us true. That it is real. Those messages become that commercial jingle we just can’t get out of our heads even though it is irritating as hell!

Come on, America. Don’t let that irritating jingle drive you over the cliff like a herd of sheep. It is 4Real’s deepest hope that Americans can still think for themselves. Let’s get what we really want from our government–for us, not for those nameless faceless peddlers of propaganda, half-truths, outright lights and irrationality. We are better than that–aren’t we?

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