Note to Republicans: Ignorance is not Bliss

It took me a while to digest what happened in the House of Representatives. I cannot decide whether the class of 2010 thinks that the “mandate” they feel they got from their tiny little districts is really the voice of “the American people.” Or do they believe no one in those districts is poor, old or has a small business that does business with the federal government and will not suffer, layoff people and go under if they do not get paid on their federal contracts.

In any case their behavior reveals what may arguably be the most alarming, dangerous and shameful behavior in Congress since its founding. This behavior is not what the founders of our nation and government had in mind. They would be appalled. Rightly so.   Some things are clear.

First, the deficit ceiling stunt was a self-serving exercise focused on the self-interest of House members preparing for 2012 elections.  Second,  the House class of 2010 does not represent all “American people.”  If we believe recent polls, their positions reflect the thinking of a very small percentage of the voting population.  Third, their ignorance of economic, fiscal and monetary policy is mind-boggling.  Finally, we no longer elect the best and the brightest. On the contrary, we elect the loudest, most and narrow-minded and arrogant.

Governance is their primary job and their performance is abysmal.

The world is watching in disbelief and rightly so. It’s remarkable that these people are equating the workings of national and international economic and fiscal management to that of their households. It is equally unbelievable that they believed that default on the deficit is not a real problem–we can rob Peter, pay Paul and worry about the rest later.

Finally, the callous disregard for the welfare of the people of the United States borders on pure, unmitigated, negligence.

That’s 4Real.


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