Fiscal Policy – A Debate on the Issues–Novel Idea!

Arthur Laffer, Glenn Hubbard, Mark Zandy and Robert Reich.  This is just the debate I’ve been hoping for but never thought I’d see on broadcast or cable television.  On the “intelligence debates-Think Twice,”  this quartet has offered the most cogent, informed, nuanced, and realistic debate on the issue of fiscal policy–deficit reduction and the available options, i.e., increasing taxes and/or cutting spending I have heard in a public forum to date.  No political posturing but a true consideration of the issues on their merits.  Perhaps the sweetest feature is that the audience decides who wins the debate at the end of the program!  This is yet another example of the the excellent programming on KETC-Channel 9-3, World and the entire range of the 9 Network.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for offering programming of this quality, timeliness and production quality.  It makes me proud of being a supporter of public television and my commitment to continue to do so.

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