At Last: Acknowledgement of Poor People in America

The President of the United States finally spoke of the poor and of justice in his inaugural address.  These are topics we have seldom heard spoken of in the last twelve years.  At last, after all of these years, the nation pointed in the direction that demonstrates that our government is for and by all people – rich and poor, black, white, red and brown.  All people.  Let us hope that among the others whom we call leaders in Congress and in statehouses throughout the land recognize that they are there to serve all people.  Race cannot be denied as at lease part of the underlying and open mean-spirited opposition to and disrespect of this President.  Let him not be bowed.  It is fitting that on this day the President chose to face the statue of Dr. King as he spoke of justice for all people.  He spoke not just of the middle class but also of the poor and the most in need of us.  Let him now move forward taking action and motivating the American people to reclaim our promise of freedom and equality for all.

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