Generation Gap or Generational Power?

What would happen if we actually stopped believing the generation gap hype?  Forget generation, X, Y, Z, Baby Boomers.  There is no generation gap that is meaningful in any positive way.  We can all learn new things from each other no matter what our generation.  Just imagine the power–personal, relational and political–we could wield if we simply embraced that truth and molded our differences into a commitment–a movement to use them to create the world that is within our grasp.  It is a world of peace, inclusion and respect for all.  It is the world without hunger, falling rates of poverty and increasing economic equity.  It is the world in which random acts of corporate crime do not go unpunished.  It is the world in which those elected to represent us use the privilege to actually govern to benefit we, the people.  Just imagine.    

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