Color: You Cannot Not See It

Anyone who says they do not see color is not telling the truth. It is the first thing we all see. There is no colorless society in America. There never has been: that is unless you consider whiteness as being without color. If that is the case, then our society could be considered colorless since white people control it and view it as exclusively their own. Everyone else is viewed as “the other” outside their society and not entitled to play a meaningful role in it.

They are fearful enough of people of color that they continue to work hard at systematically, institutionally and individually to destroy us by appropriating our culture, denying us quality education, recreating ghettos though spatial segregation and allowing violence to become the norm in our communities.  These have the effect of robbing us of hope, devaluing ourselves, creating massive depression, undermining our confidence to the extent that we come to believe that we, especially children youth and working age adults, do not deserve nor are capable of social, economic, individual and community success.

Ghettos are make perpetuating isolation, incarceration and deprivation easy.  We live concentrated in in communities that public policy, the justice system, and our own lack of belief in ourselves have created and sustain.  Ghettos are virtually impossible to escape either physically, emotionally or socially.  Thus they protect the colorless from people of color. The research is clear on this point. If you grow up in isolation, without social capital, locked in the ghetto, unaware of the norms of the “larger” (white) society, your chances of ultimate failure are increased exponentially. So, as long as people of color exist, we will be considered armed–and dangerous.‪#AmericanApartheid #‎BlackLivesMatter‬ #4Real #Christian Taylor #AmericanApartheid

One thought on “Color: You Cannot Not See It

  1. Thanks for speaking the truth about racism whether here in the USA or worldwide.

    If anything, mostly mass media and many business leaders who pull the strings of many puppet politicans are blinded purposely to the role that skin color plays in racism. So many of them would rather perpetuate racism in order to maintain their upper status in an monetary-based hierarchy of how human beings are ranked and classified. This is done even in light of the collateral damage in human capital. It’s modern-day genocide that’s been legalized for those who can buy justice.

    Inasmuch, I believe in spiritual intervention which will right the wrongs caused by racist individuals. Or else all hope will be lost for “real justice” to be undertaken in overturning an inhumane system of racism.


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