How and why is there is no justice for “Just Us?”

How do two violent offenders, escape from prison, flee in a stolen vehicle, engage in a rolling gunfight with police on a busy highway, nearly kill innocent people with flying bullets, hold an elderly couple captive, crash a car, get captured by police and live to tell about it?  Answer:  They are white men.

Why does a passenger–riding–in a car that gets pulled over for a missing tail light get asked to step out of the car he is not driving?

How does a police officer immediately determine that he fears for his life when the passenger responds that he is getting out of the car?

Why is the passenger who tells the police officer that he has a legal weapon and a legal concealed carry license so as to avoid misunderstanding with the police immediately shot dead by the police officer though he has committed no offense, has threatened no one or hurt anyone?  Answer: Because he is a black man.


Why is that police officer not convicted of killing an innocent man?

Answer:  Because there is no justice for “just us.”


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