Trump’s War: Winning?

I just watched Trump deliver his big Afghan war speech.

He started out sounding like a sane person as he spoke to the issues that he failed to address over the last ten days post-Charlottesville.  He had plenty of time to practice so that part went well.

But wait; there’s more!  Not.

The longer he went on, the less he said. I heard him say that we are not setting any timetables, but our patience is not unlimited. How does that work? How will we know when we have reached our limits?

Trump said he is expanding the authority of the military without interference by Washington. He is lifting restrictions and allowing them to make their own decisions on the battlefield. Unless I missed it, Trump failed to explain what restrictions he is doing away with.

What I heard is that we will let the military and contractors run amok with little restraint on what they can do to anyone or anything in their path to that elusive “winning.” Sounds like waterboarding and rendition are back on the table.

Trump promised that we will win.  However, he failed to provide us a vision, any idea or insight into what winning is; what will look like? What will we achieve by winning?

Trump said, “Terrorists take heed.” “We know what we are fighting for.” What are they to heed?  Exactly what are we fighting for?

“We are not nation-building, but we are killing terrorists.” Hmmmm that’s comforting.

He hasn’t a clue. And neither do we.


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