Republican Supremacists?

The American people deserve to understand why Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, and Congressional Republicans are hell-bent on pursuing an irrational and reprehensible public policy agenda.

McConnell’s current, frenzied mission to drum up fifty votes to abolish Obamacare by September 30 and to cut $1billion from Hurricane Harvey relief to fund the Trump border wall folly defies reason.  Clearly, these are the aspirations and machinations of a desperate man and by extension, a desperate party–despite its control of Congress and the White House.

The dogged pursuit of these inherently elitist, racist, regressive and harmful policies reveal an indefensibly naive, self-serving, shortsighted and dangerous world view. There is no rational defense or explanation.

We know that McConnel and the Trump administration by their own admission are committed to destroying the legacy of President Obama.  It does not matter who it hurts, whose lives are destroyed and how it undermines America’s claim to the moral high ground as the most powerful, free nation in the world.

What can possibly be gained by destroying the policies of the Obama administration?  What harm did they cause the people of the United States?  On what is this mission of destruction based? Nothing. There is nothing except that the Republicans find the success of a black American President repugnant.

We know what that stance makes McConnell and Trump. Is the GOP really the party of supremacists? It seems so.

If it is, blame for the irreversible damage its misguided vision will bring to the American people, the American ideal and the rest of the world rests squarely on the shoulders of Republicans.


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