Resist Hate

I was listening to Stevie Wonder’s album, “Songs in the Key of Life” this morning. As I listened it struck me that the songs were masterfully crafted commentaries on our lives in the 1970s. They are no less insightful and true when taken in today’s context. The lyrics of “Love’s in Need of Love Today,” speak poignantly of hatred and division and the existential threat they pose. Our very lives are at stake. In the absence of common decency and respect for all humanity, we must resist hatred of the “other” no matter which side we are on. Hate knows no party or status, color or creed. It is an equal opportunity destroyer.

“Good morn or evening friends

Here’s your friendly announcer

I have serious news to pass on to everybody

What I’m about to say

Could mean the world’s disaster

Could change your joy and laughter to tears and pain

It’s that

Love’s in need of love today

Don’t delay

Send yours in right away

Hate’s goin’ round

Breaking many hearts

Stop it please

Before it’s gone too far

The force of evil plans

To make you its possession

And it will if we let it

Destroy ev-er-y-body

We all must take

Precautionary measures

If love and peace you treasure …

Did you ever think that love would be in need of love today?”

(Songwriters: Stevie Wonder Love’s in Need of Love Today lyrics © 1976 EMI Music Publishing, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC)


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