Trump’s Border Crisis

The networks have a choice to make tonight. The major networks made a decision NOT to carry President Obama’s 2014 speech on immigration. They said it was too political. That speech was arguably based in fact and rationality and likely some political messaging. Tonight @realDonaldTrump is addressing the nation on immigration. In this case, there is no doubt or argument as to its political nature. Further, there is no doubt that the speech will be filled with lies, alternative facts, and fear. Yes, the networks have a choice to make. In this case, the stakes are much higher. If Trump argues for and then declares a national emergency based on made up statistics about terrorists pouring through the southern border (FACT: six not 4,000 have been found on known terrorist lists and 41 on the Canada border year to date as of May 2018.) the nation is at risk of falling further into chaos.

The networks can choose to sacrifice the integrity of the occasion of a U.S. President addressing the nation in exchange for the ratings bump that Trump’s speech might generate. They can choose to be complicit in creating a false national emergency promoted by the President in his efforts to build political pressure and foment fear so that he can get his way on the ill-conceived border wall and the government shut down.

Networks have a choice to make. This time their decision is not merely a judgement call about political verbiage, it is about our national security and the integrity of the office of the President, Congress and the use of our military. Let’s hope they make the right choice. #Trump #NationalEmergency #Lies


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