Trump’s efforts to obstruct were clear, Democrats say, but question of impeachment isn’t

The Mueller report’s findings and the special counsel’s deferral to Congress increase pressure on Democrats and 2020 presidential candidates from the party’s left flank.

Source: Trump’s efforts to obstruct were clear, Democrats say, but question of impeachment isn’t


Yes, there is an election in 18 months, but Democrats’ weakness on impeaching Trump is irresponsible. Democrats reason that, as House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi says, “It’s just not worth it” without support from House and Senate Republicans. The odds of successful impeachment and removal of Trump from office in the Republican-controlled Senate appear slim give the lack of leadership and blind embrace of all things Trump in the upper house. Other Dems express concern that an impeachment process might roil Trump supporters and energize his base. They view the best chance of removing him from office lies in winning the 2020 election. They argue that Democrats should focus on choosing the right candidate–one who can beat Trump–and the issues. That is obsolete political logic. There are no rules. This is a new political age and Trump wrote the book. There is no room for weakness, overthinking or traditional political calculus. When did doing the right thing for the people of the United States become the politically wrong thing?

Trump’s administration and very presence in office are harming people in big and small ways here and abroad. Every day he remains as POTUS millions face the prospect of losing health insurance, going hungry and the environment suffers blow after blow as protections are removed and regulations not enforced.

The United States’ credibility on the world stage is in tatters. We support the Saudis’ murderous ways. We are on the brink of constructing internment camps at the Mexican border to corral asylum-seekers as they await trial. Puerto Rico had received only a fraction of the post-Hurricane Maria assistance Trump claims is authorized. The Department of Housing and Urban Development* is getting out of the public housing business and proposes to demolish thousands of affordable and low-income housing units with no plan to replace them or provide assistance to residents to relocate. This is just a sample of Trump administration policies and actions that are putting U.S. citizens in jeopardy. Lives are on the line.

Why don’t Democrats consider lifting up these harms to the public and exposing what is hidden behind the headlines of outrageous behavior? The wrongs being perpetrated on the people are happening below the surface in Washington and in statehouses across the nation. Why not reach out to the people who will suffer if this continues? Why not roil the people against gross injustice and harm to their very lives? Why not focus on protecting the public from the real and present danger that this President and his administration present?

Why not raise some justified hell about the disdain and disregard Trump clearly has for real people? Why not fight? Why are Democrats afraid to fight for us? Why do they not trust us to act in our own best, self-interest? It is their job to educate and lead the electorate on policy issues that affect our lives. Why isn’t that a winning strategy?

* / U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development ….


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