Biden and Bernie: lead from behind to serve party and base

There is no disputing the unparalleled political and policy credentials of Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Both men have much to offer the American people and the Democratic Party–but not at the top of the ticket. Individually each possess formidable knowledge, experience, campaign and institutional savvy. Taken together they would constitute nothing short of a powerhouse that could drive a campaign strategy to to take Democrats straight to the White House–no matter who heads the 2020 ticket.

A platform and campaign strategy informed by Bernie and Joe, executed with unwavering discipline could beat Trump.

These two veteran politicians–one died-in-the-wool Democrat and the other a take no prisoners Progressive–are uniquely equipped to advise the Democratic ticket top to bottom.

The highest and best service these two could render to the party and the people is to allow the next generation of leaders to become the new faces of the Democratic Party. The time for a graceful exit from the stage is now.

Neither is “leading man” material any longer. However, they are the arguably the absolute best elder statesmen in supporting roles the Democrats could hope for.


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