Mayor Pete: The smartest guy on the the Dem’s debate stage

In retort Elizabeth Warren’s scolding on “wine cave” fundraising from millionaires and billionaires, Mayor Pete brilliantly clapped back with a riff on President Obama’s recent observation on the pitfalls of “purity tests” in election campaigns.

“We will not win just by increasing the turnout of the people who already agree with us completely on everything,” Obama said. “Which is why I am always suspicious of purity tests during elections. Because, you know what, the country is complicated.”

It seems that Buttigieg is the only Democrat in this race with the common sense to move toward Obama who is reportedly one of if not the most respected Presidents in the nation’s history.
A survey from the Pew Research Center found that 44 percent of Americans believed Obama was the best or second-best president of their lifetime, while 33 percent named Bill Clinton and 32 percent came out in support of Ronald Reagan

He also reminded his colleagues that he is the only remaining candidate who is not a millionaire or billionaire. The mayor smartly and honestly quipped that he is pretty good at building diverse coalitions like the one that got him elected as mayor as a gay guy in the racially and economically troubled, rustbelt, small city of South Bend in the heart of “Pence’s” Indiana.

Early in the race, many in the Democratic field inexplicably and irrationally felt it necessary to go after Obama on his record. And though they seem to have abandoned that tactic they have not course-corrected to strategically embrace the former Commander in Chief as did Mayor Pete.

It is no wonder they are now focusing their fire in his direction. He is out-polling them in Iowa, his fundraising pace is quickening, and now he appears to be the smartest guy on the stage.

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