On black history and momentum

P-MV. This is the formula for momentum. Momentum(P) = (m)mass x (v)velocity.

Black history is our history–not someone else’s. We are responsible for preserving and lifting up our story. It is our story to tell, and it is our individual and collective responsibility to know, own and share it. We have depended on others to legitimize and value it, and we know how that worked out–not.

@ https://www.blackenterprise.com/former-xerox-ceo-ursula-burns-1-million-donation-black-history-the-historymakers/

You don’t need a Ph.D. or a million of dollars (although both are helpful!). You just need the will to do something. Learn something. Teach something. Share a little-known fact. Just do something. If each of us learns just one thing, does one thing to understand and share our history as often as we possibly can, momentum will follow. Momentum for the preservation and sharing of our accurate history is the product of our mass effort, sharing our history with increasing velocity over time.


#BlackHistory #BlackHistoryMovement #DoingBlackHistoryEveryday

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