Trump and the “L-Word”


noun: los·er | \ ˈlü-zər \

2 : a person who is incompetent or unable to succeed Don’t waste your time on that loser.

“This sounds at first, I know, like a conversation on an elementary school playground, but the remark sort of stuck in my head.

When I thought about it, it occurred to me that all of his behavior is in fact classic loser behavior. I am thinking of the excuse-making, the blame-laying, the self-pity, the total inability to look at the scoreboard after a match, take the loss, shake the other guy’s hand and ask for a re-match.

The other side of loserdom is the absurd self-puffery, made more embarrassing by the fact that he believes his own grandiosity, at least while it’s coming out of his mouth.

There are some understandable cultural disconnects here. Everybody in politics, D and R, has huckstered the idea for decades that the president is an economic witch doctor who can single-handedly make the economy go up and down.

So we can hardly blame people for thinking Trump gets the credit for the long up-cycle after 2008.

And then there’s the fact that Trump played a winner on TV. So, well …

But I have to believe we Americans have a strong folk wisdom that eventually sees through all of that, if you give us enough time and exposure.

I truly hope that’s what is going on now. I think the commenter is right. We should forget about Trump’s IQ.

Lots of people are as not-so-literate as Trump and still very bright and capable. Literacy is class-bound. Beating up on him for that comes across as snobby, which will change no one’s mind.

But he is morally a loser. He has every single aspect of loserdom. He has the inner personal character of a loser.

The loser is never the guy who loses. It’s the guy who doesn’t know how to lose.

I suspect he was the kid whose bullshit after the game made all the other kids roll their eyes. And he has never grown out of it an inch.

We can’t expect his supporters to admit any of that overtly. But we can hope and pray they see it eventually.”

(This piece from 5/22/20 is reposted from Facebook with permission by the author, Jim Schutze)


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