Do not forget how we got here

As the President’s illness is comprehensively covered and updated in frenzied, up-to-the-minute posts, I continue to wonder about the fate of all of those brown people–adults and children–who walked here.

They came up through Central America and Mexico, hundreds of miles, with just the clothes on their backs and hope for the children whose hands they held or carried on their shoulders. Where are they? Where are the children? Why not look back to see what has actually happened over the past four years.

Remember the wall separating children from parents, children in cages? We must remember everything. Forget nothing. Don’t be distracted by the drama of the current news moment.

Remember how we got here–the early discomfort, the emerging shock, outrage, outright lies, insensitive mocking, name-calling, the embrace of white supremacy, and unapologetic disrespect for virtually every person who serves this nation and us in and out of uniform. Don’t forget nearly 210,000 dead Americans–disproportionately black, brown, poor, or elderly.

What’s happened to the fact of tax evasion? $750? Really?

Consider it all. We have a choice to make. Remember. Take a walk down memory lane to ensure that you are fully informed before you vote. #RememberItAll #ChildrenInCages #WhatDoYouHaveToLose #ClimateChange #COVID19 #Vote2020 #TaxEvasion

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