An American coup d’etat

Top Photo: The U.S. Capitol during the Black Lives Matter protests in July 2020. Below: a white Trump supporter occupying the floor of the U.S. Senate after a mob breached the Capitol this afternoon for the first time since 1814 during the War in 1812.

Imagine the scene at the U.S. Capitol building today if these so-called “protesters” were black, brown, or Muslim. There would be blood in the streets and mass arrests by now. I have not heard one word about any arrests, tear gas, or rubber bullets even though a woman was shot and critically injured in the crowd earlier today. These people are locked and loaded, yet law enforcement is totally disorganized and unprepared. Compare this to the full military occupation of D.C. during last year’s Black Lives Matter peaceful protests. “Nero fiddled as Rome burned,” and his people suffered: and like Nero, Trump is an ineffectual leader in a time of crisis. Trump has no fiddle, but he is watching T.V. and tweeting. #Treason


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