The dangerous consequences of gerrymandering and inbreeding

It is interesting and ironic how forty years of dogged gerrymandering by Republicans to create primary-challenge resistant congressional districts has backfired. Republicans have narrowed their fields of voters to the extent that they cannot act with integrity or intelligence in the best interests of the nation or their own constituents. They risk losing their seats if they attempt to act upon their sworn oath to uphold the Constitution. Republicans have succeeded in their gerrymandering quest. Their districts are pure–dominated by people who are defined by group-think, narrow-minded ideology, fear, racism and an alarming lack of understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the Congress and government in general. They are Trump’s “ride or or die” base, holding their representatives hostage, demanding that they ignore and attempt to support and defend the egregious acts of self-dealing, racism, hate speech, sedition, high crimes, and misdemeanors committed by a dangerous president and his sycophants. Sad. Inbreeding has unintended and twisted consequences. We saw those consequences play out on the world state in the siege of the U.S. Capitol by Trump supporters on Wednesday, January 6, 2021.


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