Group Think: identical legislation in every Republican statehouse?

Have you ever wondered why so many state legislatures seem to introduce remarkably similar legislation and policies almost simultaneously? The current case in point—voter suppression. 45 State legislatures did not introduce these measures at the same time by accident. There is a reason for that. This lockstep action is and has been funded for decades by billionaires and corporate “dark money” (untraceable or seemingly innocuous) contributions to endow professorships, create academic centers and think tanks as well as funding seminars, workshops and lecture series to educate and indoctrinate young attorneys, aspiring politicians, academics, people in media and cause-related nonprofits and others that influence “Conservative” policy. ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, provides state lawmakers with guides, data, research and a structure to write “model” legislation and disseminates it to their network of of legislators, policy makers and media. What we see is not coincidence it is group think emerging from deployment of a carefully crafted long-term strategy. “The efforts to stop certain people from voting are led by Republican secretaries of state across the country. While it’s a little known office, state-level secretaries of state are the most important official in determining who votes and who doesn’t. Republicans have understood this for decades and have invested in recruiting, training, and funding candidates.

Stop wondering. There is a reason. The time is now to do something about it. Democrats, Progressives and Independents must unite. We must protect everyone’s vote.


What if everyone voted?

iVote has led Democratic efforts to fight back to elect voting rights champions to the office of Secretary of State, with training, capacity building, and independent expenditure campaigns.”

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