Revelations and activism with the first super moon of 2021?

Astrologers say that this first of three super moons in 2021 will set in motion revelations of secrets, illuminate our paths forward and ignite activism and continued disruption of the status quo across all aspects of our lives, our bodies, communities, nation and earth.

It will be interesting to watch it all unfold. I have been tracking astrological insights for the last two years and have been stuck by the stunning accuracy and historical foundations of the insights in regard to current and near future events.

It started with an uncanny preview of 2020. Each week I was astounded as event after event played out as predicted. Predictions of conditions and circumstances leading up to our frightening brush with fascism and the January 6 coup attempt were predicted almost to the day.

Yes. I have become a believer.

It will be interesting to watch it all unfold. What will we learn?


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