2022 Midterms: The downside of a sure thing

Interesting and ironic how forty years of dogged gerrymandering to create primary-challenge resistant, pure Republican congressional districts has backfired. Republicans have narrowed their constituencies to the extent that they cannot act in the best interest of the nation. They have ended up with districts dominated by the Trumpian base, so if they want to stay in office; they must close their eyes, pretend we cannot see them, and ignore then attempt to defend the high crimes and misdemeanors committed by a dangerous madman and his buffoonish followers even as they attempt to overthrow the government. Sad. Inbreeding has unintended and twisted consequences. It is also another reason why diversity matters.

2022 mid-term elections will shed light on the Republican Party’s short-sighted strategy. It helps explain the feverish pace of carrying and passing of draconian voter suppression legislation in every Republican-controlled statehouse in the nation.

They now understand that, despite their best efforts, they can lose if everyone votes. It


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