The Fed reaches its limits

Bottom line. Monetary Policy had reached its limits in response to this financial crisis. It is time for Congress to take clear-eyed, focus on creating targeted, well-funded fiscal policy actions to benefit regular citizens as well as financial markets and institutions. Let’s not make the same mistake that we did in 2008. Families, individuals, small […]


Slavery and Capitalism: A Story of Co-dependence

Without the labor of blacks in America, the cultural and economic history of this nation would be vastly different. Edward E. Baptist, professor of history at Cornell University, relates in sharp relief the history, context and continuing impact of slavery and its powerful impact on U.S. economic, social and political life in his book, The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism.


The New Community Development Movement: Economics and Disparity

The term “community development” became ghettoized and synonymous with low-income housing development for those disenfranchised by the mainstream economy and civic infrastructure.  The class-based exit from older communities resulted in re-segregation and isolation both urban and rural. Communities are complex systems but recent practice has effectively relegated them to the raw materials of opportunistic housing […]