Resist Hate

Masterfully crafted commentaries on our lives in the 1970s are no less insightful and true when taken in today’s context. The lyrics of “Love’s in Need of Love Today,” speak poignantly of hatred and division and the existential threat they pose.


Trump’s Big Night

Under cover of night and as the natural disaster of Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas, Trump executed a series of actions (wouldn’t bet on it being a carefully planned strategy) that placated his base, intimidated his enemies, eliminated a pest and unleashed his hate-mongering surrogates. Trump signaled his intention to pardon convicted felon and former Maricopa County […]


Trump’s Past is Prologue

As I have watched and listened to politicians and pundits during this post-Charlottesville week I am baffled by the rhetoric.  Why would the conversation be about what Trump can do to reframe his position, to project a presidential demeanor or magically become transformed, as if on the road to Damascus, into a rational, competent, leader […]