Battle for Fairness: Progressive Prosecutors Under Fire

Once elected, criminal justice reformers face nasty attacks. By Rashad Robinson http://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/11/opinion/george-floyd-prosecutors.html “District attorneys elected to carry out progressive policies over the last five years have been met with resistance from police departments and unions, as well as from judges, lawmakers and even some corporations. They have used their power to prevent these prosecutors from doing […]


Aisha Fraser is Dead

Shame on you @RepMarciaFudge. Today, Aisha Fraser is dead.  Her blood is on your hands as well as her abuser’s, her husband, Lance Fraser. It does not matter that you deemed Mr. Fraser’s actions out of character for the man you vouched for after “more than 20 years of friendship,” during his 2014 sentencing for […]


Trump’s Big Night

Under cover of night and as the natural disaster of Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas, Trump executed a series of actions (wouldn’t bet on it being a carefully planned strategy) that placated his base, intimidated his enemies, eliminated a pest and unleashed his hate-mongering surrogates. Trump signaled his intention to pardon convicted felon and former Maricopa County […]