Schools and Guns

What happened in that school in Broward County, Florida is horrific. My question was and has been since the mass school shooting epidemic erupted is why not metal detectors? Black and brown children in inner-city schools have been subjected to that, bag searches and more for at least a couple of decades. No one ever […]


Deconstructing Trump=Truth

The Rachel Maddow Show shares more of Maddow’s remarkable ability to play the long-game in pursuit of the truth. She and her team stay on stories that confound other news outlets and analysts. When others throw up their hands and move on, Rachel digs deeper. Deconstruct, analyze, remain vigilant and tenacious; these are the skills […]


Generation Gap or Generational Power?

What would happen if we actually stopped believing the generation gap hype?  Forget generation, X, Y, Z, Baby Boomers.  There is no generation gap that is meaningful in any positive way.  We can all learn new things from each other no matter what our generation.  Just imagine the power–personal, relational and political–we could wield if […]