Senate Judiciary Committee: Incompetent, Cowardly, Corrupt

Senate Judiciary Committee member Lindsey Graham argues that Republicans are not competent to question Dr. Blasey Ford in Kavenaugh hearing and must bring in “someone who knows what they’re doing.”


Republican Supremacists?

The American people deserve to understand why Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, and Congressional Republicans are hell-bent on pursuing an irrational and reprehensible public policy agenda. McConnell’s current, frenzied mission to drum up fifty votes to abolish Obamacare by September 30 and to cut $1billion from Hurricane Harvey relief to fund the Trump border wall folly […]


Deconstructing Trump=Truth

The Rachel Maddow Show shares more of Maddow’s remarkable ability to play the long-game in pursuit of the truth. She and her team stay on stories that confound other news outlets and analysts. When others throw up their hands and move on, Rachel digs deeper. Deconstruct, analyze, remain vigilant and tenacious; these are the skills […]


After the Storm in Trump’s America

What will the victims of Hurricane Harvey have to look forward to after the storm? Will they have health care?  Will they have rental assistance?  Will they have extended unemployment insurance?  Will homeless shelters have enough beds?  Will Food Stamps and school lunches be available? Maybe.  But, perhaps not. There was a time when our […]