Modern Black History: “Miss Virginia” a story about the power of being sick and tired

http://www.missvirginiamovie.com/about Modern black history circa 2003-2004. “Miss Virginia” is the story of the power of people. It is about the power that being sick and tired of being sick and tired can generate and how that power led to positive change for students in the Washington, D.C. school district. Good movie. Great message. (Yes, the […]


Some would call it genocide: Killed by cops a leading cause of death for black men

http://www.latimes.com/science/story/2019-08-15/police-shootings-are-a-leading-cause-of-death-for-black-men This piece by Los Angeles Times staff writer, Amina Kahn, raises serious questions about how we might characterize the actions of U.S. authorities at all levels of government toward black, brown and native people. Here is how the United Nations defines the term “genocide” Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of […]


Trump’s Border Crisis

The networks have a choice to make tonight. The major networks made a decision NOT to carry President Obama’s 2014 speech on immigration. They said it was too political. That speech was arguably based in fact and rationality and likely some political messaging. Tonight @realDonaldTrump is addressing the nation on immigration. In this case, there […]