From Vox.com: Coronavirus is not just a tragedy. It’s an opportunity to build a better world.

“Coronavirus is a great moral drama taking place before our eyes. And the script has not yet been written.” By Roge Karma  Apr 10, 2020, 7:30am EDT What are the social conditions that made us vulnerable to coronavirus?” Frank Snowden “We’ve created a different kind of world — the world of globalization. That’s very different from the age […]


Resist Hate

Masterfully crafted commentaries on our lives in the 1970s are no less insightful and true when taken in today’s context. The lyrics of “Love’s in Need of Love Today,” speak poignantly of hatred and division and the existential threat they pose.


Generation Gap or Generational Power?

What would happen if we actually stopped believing the generation gap hype?  Forget generation, X, Y, Z, Baby Boomers.  There is no generation gap that is meaningful in any positive way.  We can all learn new things from each other no matter what our generation.  Just imagine the power–personal, relational and political–we could wield if […]